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2020 Reads


The Green Mile – Stephen King

I started the year with reading my first Stephen King novel! 5 stars! I loved it.

I don’t think I was prepared for how much I was going to enjoy this read. Of course, I was aware that King was a very talented writer but had stayed away for fear of the horror genre. I didn’t realize that so much of his work, including this one, was more supernatural than horror. The prose is so beautifully written and the descriptions of what the narrator is experiencing are truly incredible. I was not scared reading this book but I definitely felt something. As a matter of fact, I sobbed several times.

I won’t read another King book right away, I have so many books on the shelf waiting for me, but I’m looking forward to another of his works. I would love recommendations from other King fans on what I should add to my TBR list.

Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

I started reading this as a paper book and it was taking forever. While the story is timeless and beautiful but its not really a ‘page turner’. I decided to switch to the audio book and found this new recording. The cast is perfect and I really enjoyed it.

The Dutch House – Ann Patchett

I had been hearing a lot about this novel on podcasts and social media so I was thrilled when Santa Claus left it under the tree this Christmas. It’s a great read with fascinating and likable characters that I loved rooting for. The story moves quickly while bouncing around time periods which kept it very interesting. I just wish it was a little longer because I already miss the characters.

Don’t Overthink It – Anne Bogel

Anne Bogel’s latest book, Don’t Overthink It, is not on shelves until March 3rd but as a superfan of the author, I couldn’t wait that long.  I was thrilled that an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) became available to me with my pre-order and I am excited to share a review. 

Overthinker was not a characteristic I would use to describe myself.  I have my moments where ‘analysis paralysis’ has taken me hostage for a bit but overall, I can usually make decisions pretty easily.  That being said, I have a history of sweating the small stuff as they say, especially since becoming a mom.  Time is more limited now and, in a way, more precious.  I can’t waste time struggling with uncertainty.  Additionally, my choices don’t just affect me anymore, so I want to be sure I make the right one.  I really enjoyed the advice in the book and I’m excited to start putting the strategies into practice in my everyday life. 

Fans of Anne’s website ‘The Modern Mrs. Darcy’ and podcast ‘What Should I Read Next’ will immediately recognize her gentle style and adorable charm.  Her anecdotes are so relatable that all readers will be nodding their heads along with the examples she gives of wasting time and energy agonizing over decisions that could be quick or getting caught up in life clutter that makes simple thought process more challenging than it needs to be.  Her strategies and ideas for combatting some overthinking habits seem small and simple but with practice can make a big difference. 

I am enthusiastically recommending this book to anyone who might gain from adding a little space to their lives and can’t wait to gift it to a few people in my life who I know will benefit from it.